Wendy Belcher

Wendy Belcher is interested in performing for camera
by Wendy Belcher
Things That Annoy Me / 2020
Wendy Belcher

Wendy has been an associate member of the group for several years, and joined the core group to produce her first solo project during LUMINOUS, building on her experiences of performing for greenscreen in previous group
projects like Smallville, Undersea Adventure and L.R.R.H. In Things that Annoy Me, Wendy builds a series of comical narratives around the petty, day-to-day irritations she experiences in the workplace and the city.

Wendy created the script for the film by making audio recordings of herself ad-libbing anecdotes around a list of situations she finds annoying. These were then edited to create both the soundtrack and ‘script’ for the film. This script was then broken down into a series of digital compositions which were created using artwork work created by members of the group and assisted by Danny Breach, a regular collaborator with the group. Russell Highsmith also contributed to the direction of the greenscreen shoot, and makes a cameo appearance.

Much of the material required to complete Wendy’s film had been produced and recorded prior to the advent of lockdown, and editing was principally completed during the lockdown by Chris Oakley, sharing clips of the work in progress with Wendy in order that she could exercise artistic control of the project.

“When the project started, everything was fine. Then lockdown. I had to just wait–weeks, months. If it wasn’t for lockdown, I could have done things quickly– all of it. Done.”



Script:  Wendy Belcher

Performer:  Wendy Belcher

Artwork:  Shadowlight Artists


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