Tom Breach

Tom Breach works with drawing and animation
by Tom Breach
Shoebox Bay / 2020
by Tom Breach
Revenge of the Penguin / 2018
Tom Breach

Tom Breach is 26, lives in Oxford and has Asperger’s. His drawings create strange scenarios where morality and social norms are suspended. Following on from his first project with the group, Revenge of the Penguin, his new film Shoebox Bay explores gender identity issues alongside the misadventures of individuals adrift in an uncaring world, all approached through black humour. The dark comedy in his work often draws on personal experience and reflects his views of injustices in society.

The writing of Shoebox Bay was completed by February 2020, but most of the production took place during the UK’s national lockdown, with Tom collaborating with editor Chris Oakley via Skype and exchanging production drawings via the post. Animated sections were then shared online and discussed via Skype, allowing Tom to remotely retain artistic control of the project.



Animation and Drawings by: Tom Breach

“I have a shoe fetish, so I enjoy wearing women’s shoes around the home. I don’t wear them out in public, because Covid or no Covid, homophobic people will
bully the heck out of a man in women’s clothing. Traditionalists pick on people who are not adhering to their gender stereotypes.

Maybe the idea of making a film about shoe fetish is partially to raise awareness, and hopefully people will understand it’s ok to have a shoe fetish. Even with Covid gone, prejudice, the rich/poor divide, capitalism, corruption, they will still be here.
Bullies will still be in the world.”





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