Shadowlight Associates

The Shadowlight Associates are a gateway group to the Shadowlight Artists

The Shadowlight Associates were formed to offer artistic opportunities to a broader group. They work with the Shadowlight Artists on group productions, which benefits the Associates wishing to explore or extend their skills whilst benefiting the core group who work in a mentoring role.

The Associates are individuals who have been identified as having artistic potential by the core group, or who are already accomplished in a specific artform and wish to experiment with a new medium. The Associates are also seen as a recruitment pool for the core group, and it is hoped that Associates will go on to become full members of the group. The Associates have worked with the core group on the video pieces Dreamsville and Landscapes.

Wendy Belcher
Wendy has been involved with Film Oxford for a number of years, and enjoys the performance aspects of her work with the Shadowlight group.

The Shadowlight Artists is a really nice group, I like talking to people and making friends. My favourite things are doing the camera work and acting. I am really looking forward to doing more fun activities with the group.

Abul Kasem
Abul’s interests lie in filmmaking, and he is particularly keen to develop his skills as a camera operator.

Otto Baxter
Otto is an actor and performer who has appeared in independent films, including the BAFTA nominated Samuel-613 and a number of television documentaries.

The Shadowlight Artists

The Shadowlight Artists are supported by Film Oxford


Shadowight Artists, c/o Film Oxford 54 Catherine St, Oxford, OX4 3AH

01865 792731

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