Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt works in painting and installation
Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt was born in 1972 in Plymouth, and grew up in Gibraltar. He now lives in Rose Hill in Oxford. Richard works prolifically, and has produced around 150 new paintings and drawings over the last 3 years. In 2016, Richard won the Shape Open award. Richard’s work is based in the desire to communicate his feelings through painting. A major ambition for Richard is to be respected as an artist by the wider community, and not to be defined as an artist with Downs Syndrome. He is also interested in video, with his work having progressed from films documenting painting as a performance to works better defined as ‘film painting’.

I went recently to look at the Howard Hodgkin Exhibition just across town at Modern Art Oxford and I loved his colours. I feel strongly about colours as well, I love colours. I like to pour my imagination out into a picture. When I’m painting and drawing I feel like I’m in a different world. I start with an idea which I sketch out onto paper or canvas, a frame to put the picture on, like a circle or a diamond, then over the next few weeks I build the picture up adding colours and details. I don’t plan the pictures, I just know exactly what I want to do, when I do it, I go with the flow.

Richard identifies his creativity as an extension of his Catholic faith, and sees painting as a direct expression of his belief. Working with artist Sonia Boué in a professional studio environment has enabled Richard to paint at a much larger scale than in his previous work, and develop techniques that incorporate his own self- taught style with more traditional ways of working. He has also produced a film which explores the thinking process behind his work as a painter.



Drawings by:  Richard Hunt




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