Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt works in painting and installation
Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt was born in 1972 in Plymouth, and grew up in Gibraltar. He now lives in Rose Hill in Oxford. Richard is a prolific painter, who in 2017 won the Shape Open Award with work produced during the Creative Bridges project.
Much of Richard’s earlier work is based around painting, and reflects his interest in popular cul-ture blended with his identification of the act of painting as a devotional activity; he identifies his creativity as an extension of his religious faith, and sees painting as a direct expression of his belief. He has been working in collaboration with artist Sonia Boué for the past four years, and this partnerhsip has helped Richard to develop his self-taught technique and work on a larger scale in the context of a professional studio environment.

After winning the Shape Open, Richard decided to expand his practice to embrace elements of sculpture and textured surfaces. Continuing his successful collaboration with Sonia, Richard has recently been been experimenting with incorporating elements of mosaic into his painting, and utilising painted found objects to create new works. His installation work for Rising continues Rich-ard’s interest in water, recreating a seashore scene utilising painted rocks and a boat form. Each of the rocks represents a song, and has a unique iconography often relating to popular culture—in particular musicals.

“I enjoy working with Sonia—it’s different to the way I work on my own. We’ve been working together for a few years now. Sonia helped me find a way to work on the rocks for Rocking the Boat on the Beach.”



Drawings and installation by:  Richard Hunt




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