Mark Hemsworth

Mark Hemsworth works with landscape, photography and film
Mark Hemsworth

Mark Hemsworth was born in 1968 in Reading and grew up in Cholsey, Oxfordshire with his family.

My favourite artists are Van Gogh, Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci and I like painting and colour- for example, how colour makes the picture come alive. I am also interested in perspective, shadow and shading. The shapes and the detail are also something I am interested in. With video I plan out what the video is going to be about and then plan

and draw a storyboard. Then I record what I need and then come back and edit on the computer.

I like going out and filming and doing the editing, I like the effects that are possible. My first film was shown at a film festival in 2008 which was called the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. My ideas come from a feeling I’ve had in the past and have enjoyed. Film is a good way to express them and I get pleasure from painting.

Mark is a skilled draughtsman, but is equally interested in photography, film, and other recording media. In part due to his passion for walking and the landscape, Mark is also interested in work which uses the landscape and experience of the natural environment directly, such as the work of Richard Long. Working with filmmaker Naomi Morris Mark has created a documentary about his life and the influence of seasonal affective disorder on its tempo. Over an annual cycle, the film follows Mark on his walks with a camcorder, with which he documents his responses to the environment across the seasons. The audience shares a sense of a world that expands through spring into a frenetic summer, slowing and contracting back into a contained domestic world as winter closes.


Author: Mark Hemsworth

Filmmaker: Naomi Morris

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