Danny Smith

Danny Smith works with performance, photography and film

Danny Smith was born in Wallingford in 1975 where he grew up, he now lives in Oxford.

Danny has clear artistic intentions: to show independence, demonstrate emotions associated with change and personal empowerment. Danny identifies pride in being a role model for other disabled people seeking an independent life. He has broad artistic interests and has worked in a wide range of media from painting and photography to performance, animation and documentary. His work across these media shows a common theme; Danny’s desire to demonstrate self-determination, and explore the emotions triggered by change in his own life. In recent years, Danny has moved from New Cross in London where he lived for 15 years to Oxford, where he continues to live independently. His work in painting, photography and video has been exhibited within the UK and internationally, and his film Time for a Change screened at New York’s Sprout festival.

Working with interdisciplinary artist Roland Carline, Danny continued to explore the performative elements of his practice in the video piece Time to Leave, which originated from Danny’s interest in the dream state. Danny sees dreams as a gateway to our ancestral life, and continues some of the themes of the rituals of human prehistory and how they relate to everyday life. In the film, Danny performs a dance in an elaborate fish god costume adorned with iconography representing elements of Danny’s life.

“What I liked about Roly is he’s a good person to work with—he’s an interesting character. He’s good at working with other artists—he understands what I’m into.”

Time to Leave by Danny Smith

Author/Dancer: Danny Smith

Creative support/Camera: Roly Carline

Drummer: Chris Hills



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