Danny Smith

Danny Smith works with performance, photography and film
Light From My Crystal, Danny Smith, 2016

By Danny Smith. Danny Smith was born in Wallingford where he grew up, and now lives in Oxford. Danny has clear artistic intentions: to show independence, demonstrate emotions associated with change and “show people I’m not lonely, which people think I am”. Danny identifies pride in being a role model for other disabled people seeking an independent life. He has broad artistic interests and has worked in a wide range of media from painting and photography to performance, animation and documentary. Working with choreographer and dramatist Emma Webb and photographer Roger Gilboy, Danny has made a film exploring his dreams. Danny is interested in the cave as a dream space, and the imagery of ancient cave dwellers. In his dream, Danny awakes in the Stone Age, and finds a crystal that has the power to bring life to the distant past. Danny has visualised this dream, performing in the Clearwell Caves with himself cast in a gothic imagining of ancestral life.


Author: Danny Smith

Choreography: Danny Smith

Cinematgraphy: Roger Gilboy



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