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Danny Smith works with performance, film and photography
by Danny Smith
Danny Smith // Flashback 2020
by Danny Smith
Danny Smith // Time to Leave 2018
by Danny Smith
Danny Smith // Light From My Crystal 2016

Danny Smith was born in Wallingford in 1975 where he grew up, he now lives in Oxford.

Danny Smith has diverse and long-standing interests in performance, film, photography, and painting and drawing. Danny has clear artistic intentions:
to show independence and demonstrate emotions associated with change and personal empowerment. Danny identifies pride in being a role model
for other disabled people seeking an independent life. His work in painting, photography and video has been exhibited within the UK and internationally.

For LUMINOUS, Danny wanted to produce another dance for camera film exploring memories in comparison to his current circumstances. In part, he
wanted to explore some of his past experiences of being bullied as a result of having Downs Syndrome. Danny chose to collaborate with choreographer
Anna Watkins to create the dance piece, alongside filmmaker Nicola Josse.

Flashback was originally developed as a studio-based production involving a small ensemble, but this had to be adapted as a solo piece in the light of Covid restrictions.

In December 2020, Flashback won Best Dance Film at the Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival.During the lockdown, Danny produced a large quantity of collage work and an installation piece supported by Cait Sweeney. Danny said of lockdown:

“I quite like it, actually. I like to work indoors in the lockdown– it helps keep your mind fresh, there is peace and quiet. It’s more concentrated.

I quite enjoyed rehearsing outside. It helped me explore different feelings. I think it changed my life– it made me feel more strongly what I am. This lockdown has made me focused on what I am.

I enjoyed going to Swindon. [Anna] was calm and gentle– I think I picked the right

I missed all my socialising. I missed going around the town. I find it hard to be stuck indoors. I like trying to be more social. I do find it hard. I go online lots and see what people have been up to.”

Flashback by Danny Smith

Author/Dancer: Danny Smith

Choreographer: Anna Watkins

Camera: Miguel Mocho



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