About the Platform Project

Building on the success of the 2016-17 project Creative Bridges, Platform provides the Shadowlight Artists with opportunities to build relationships with professional
artists through creative collaboration and also engage with audiences through exhibition. The group will also engage with the learning disabled community through encouragement and leadership, and the wider cultural landscape through participation in National and International cultural events. During the project each artist
will produce a new piece of high quality artistic work that progresses their creative development, much of which will involve digital media. The group will be supported by Film Oxford, who the group have worked with since 2009.

Creative Partnerships

Each Shadowlight artist is working with an artist established in their chosen medium to produce a new work:

  • Russell Highsmith is working with dramatist Mark Ralph-Bowman to create a new paly
  • Lucy Skuce is working with Artist Chris Oakley to create a video installation
  • Richard Hunt is working with artist Sonia Boue on an installation work and new paintings
  • Mark Hemsworth is working with Naomi Morris on new landscape work
  • Danny Smith is working with Roly Carline on a performative video piece



Platform has principally been funded by Arts Council England with addtional financial support from Oxford City Council. In order to ensure the sustainability of the group, fundraising efforts are ongoing to support the group’s future activities. 

The Shadowlight Artists

The Shadowlight Artists are supported by Film Oxford


54 Catherine St, Oxford, OX4 3AH

01865 792731

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